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Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Does your business depend on vital software?

Escrow means security for you.

Every piece of software has a developer version, the so-called source code. This code is the business secret of the developer and the customer does not have access to it.

Without access to this source code the software cannot be maintained or further developed. But what happens if the software developer for whatever reason is unable to keep their commitments or ceases to operate? This might be the case, for example, if they go bankrupt, close down or refuse to provide a service.

If the developer version of the software has been deposited with swissEscrow, in such cases you will be given access to the source code and will still be able to continue to maintain and develop your software.

If your business depends on vital software, swissEscrow offers you the certainty that it will remain available to you long-term.

Advantages of escrow for the software customer

  • The customer is protected against the case where the software developer ceases to operate.
  • They have access to source code, should the service provider cease to operate.
  • They can be sure of seamless maintenance and further development of software.
  • They protect the investment they have made in IT.
  • They reduce their dependency on the software developer.
  • They reduce business risk.

swissEscrow – your partner for software security.