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Our Services

Our Services

Services offered by swissEscrow

Secure and neutral safekeeping of

  • Software source code
  • Development documents
  • System documents
  • other data, documents and contracts

Software and data can be transmitted to swissEscrow on USB-Sticks, CD's/DVD's or online.

Data will be stored exclusively on servers in Switzerland. The data centre used meets the highest security standards (daily backups, uninterruptible power sources and climate control, fire extinguishing systems, strict access control and video surveillance). All data is encrypted.

USB-Sticks, CD's and DVD's are stored in a vault of a Swiss bank. 

When software placed in escrow can be released

  • When the software developer is unable to fulfil contractual obligations (because of bankruptcy, death, cessation of trading, etc.)
  • When the software developer does not fulfil contractual obligations adequately.
  • Under other circumstances which the parties agree upon in advance.

Verification of deposited source code

Standard verification procedure

In many cases the standard verification procedure is sufficient for a reliable source code deposit, especially when the developer and the client already know one another well.  By default, swissEscrow applies the standard verification procedure to all deposited data storage media.

Features of the standard verification:

  • Completeness
  • Conformity with the details given in the Escrow Agreement
  • Conformity with the description of the deposited object.
  • Readability of the media
  • Virus check
  • Plausibility

Extended verification procedure

If the parties so request, the deposited source code can be subjected to a more thorough verification (checks of functionality, code quality, algorithms, database, etc). It is possible for the verification to be done in the presence of the software developer and the client, but this is not a requirement.

Additional services

  • Drafting of tailor-made escrow contracts by our specialists
  • Legal consulting and support on all matters relating to escrow contracts.