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Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Is your business dependent on vital software?

If so, escrow provides the security you need.

Every piece of software has a developer's version, the so-called source code. The source code is a trade secret of the developer and the end user does not have access to it. 

Without the source code, no maintenance or development of the software can take place. But what would happen if the software developer no longer fulfilled their commitments? What if they stopped working? For example, if the developer went bankrupt, ceased training, resigned or died?

If the developer's version of the software is deposited with swissEscrow, in situations like this you will be given access to the source code and you be able to carry on maintaining and developing your software regardless. 

Is your business dependent on vital software? swissEscrow offers you the security of long-term use of your applications and access to your data. 

Advantages of escrow for the software user

  • It protects against failure of the software developer.
  • It gives access to the source code if the developer drops out.
  • It ensures the seamless upkeep, maintenance and further development of the software.
  • It protects your investment in software tools.
  • It reduces your dependency on the software developer
  • It minimises business risk. 


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